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The Art Of Sacred Smoke | Energy-Balancing Rituals To Cleanse, Protect, And Empower

The Art Of Sacred Smoke | Energy-Balancing Rituals To Cleanse, Protect, And Empower

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A gorgeously illustrated, essential guide to the energy rituals that will transform your life.

Learn how to cleanse and protect yourself and your space, tap into your intuition, and elevate your frequency through sacred smoke, candle, stone rituals-and more. Neelou Malekpour is here to support you for all occasions, whether that's-
. healing heartache, relieving anxiety, and dispelling bad dreams;
. cultivating focus, receiving support during travel, and prepping a space for meditation; or
. calling in love, blessing others, and connecting to your highest self.

With The Art of Sacred Smoke, Malekpour is ready to share the rituals that are essential to aligning and calibrating your energy. Learn how to use the natural ingredients she employs in her practices-and in her frequency-raising business, SMUDGED-from rose petals to palo santo, and how to source them responsibly.

At a time when many of us are looking for mindful solutions to the chaos of modern life, The Art of Sacred Smoke offers an empowering new way to connect to nature and to your best self.

About the Author

Neelou Malekpour was born in Seattle and raised in Tehran, Iran, before moving to Los Angeles during the Iranian Revolution. She started Smudged as a tribute to her late grandmother, who taught her to be responsible for the vibrations she put out into the world. She has worked with brands such as UNICEF, YogaWorks, 1 Hotels, Selina, Soho House, Sydell Group, Guerilla Union, Real Dog Rescue, and more. Malekpour has contributed to publications such as New York Metro, theLos Angeles Daily News, Us Weekly, and Harper's Bazaar. She lives in Miami Beach.

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