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Pentagram Mortar & Pestle | Soapstone

Pentagram Mortar & Pestle | Soapstone

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Metaphysical properties of soapstone
A calming presence and ancient tie to the world of spirituality, soapstone is a beautiful way to bring a pensive and meditative state of reflection into your life.  Commonly used throughout the centuries, soapstone is a favored medium for those with creative and artistic abilities.  It is a conduit for creative thinking and opening the mind to new experiences.

Soapstone is also known as Steatite and comes in many different shades. These sets have been pigmented black and painted with a pentacle-- the sign of faith, unity with all things, and protection.

These soapstone mortar and pestles are not food-safe, and should not be used for any materials that will be imbibed!

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