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Singing Bowl | Eclipse Black Gold

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Singing bowls are a type of bell used by many people across the World, and are also known as Tibetan Singing Bowls, Rin or Suzu gongs (both mean 'Bell' in Japanese), and Himalayan Bowls. The singing bowl is used worldwide for Prayers, yoga, meditation, and spiritual healing.

The Eclipse Moon Phase Tibetan Singing Bowl can assist by creating soothing healing sounds, stress reduction, balancing your throat chakra, relaxing your body and mind, and calming your nerves. 

How to Play Singing Bowls:

- Place the Singing Bowl on your Straight Palm
- Strike the side of a singing bowl
- Rub gently around the Rim with a Mallet
- Now you are able to generate the Resonant Sound
- Practice and Play with it

Size: 12cm