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Sage Dreaming

Sage Dreaming | White Grandfather Sage | Medium

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Four years ago we discovered the highest quality White Sage we’d ever experienced. It was all 100% Australian-made! Amazingly it was all produced by hand, the growing, the cutting, the tethering, the drying and the packing, using traditional methods dating back many years.

The quality of the White Sage (Grandfather salvia apiana) was the best we have ever smelt. The richness of the aromatic and cleansing smoke was intoxicating and divine. We knew we wanted our customers to experience what we had become accustomed to, so we connected and become the national wholesalers of this amazing natural product.

Sage Dreaming operates on virgin farm land in the alpine region of Victoria, and has been organically growing and harvesting Grandfather White Sage for the last 20 years.

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