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Power Pure Pigment Drops | Crazy Color | Yellow 50ML

Power Pure Pigment Drops | Crazy Color | Yellow 50ML

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Crazy Colors new range of Power Pure Pigment Drops are the perfect addition to your next hair dye adventure. Just add a few drops to your base and customise your own colours and shades! 

With 5 colours to choose from, you can mix them to make your own colours or use the one colour and choose your shade!

Create your own pastel purple or mix with blue to create your own shade of blue-purple! Get creative today with Crazy Colors new Power Pure Pigment!


From Natural/Base colour: Choose a base, such as the Crazy Color Hold Up Shampoo, the Neutral Mix Hair Color or even your own conditioner as your product to mix with a few drops of your Power Pure Pigment. To achieve your desired shade, add one pump to start creating the colour of choice and mix your base and the Power together each time you add a new pump. You can always add more pumps to your mixture if you're not happy with the results, but you can't take it back out, so remember to add the Power sparingly as it is a very high pigmented dye. Once you have achieved your desired shade get colouring!

For Upkeep/Shampoo & Conditioner: Add 1-3 pumps to your shampoo and conditioner to achieve your desired pigment and wash hair as usual to bring back any vibrancy lost to heat, the sun and due to it getting wet. You can wash your hair as regularly as desired.

For the best dye results, use on pre lightened hair with the Neutral Mix Hair Color by Crazy Color!

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