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Hellz Bellz Harness

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For whom the bell tolls? 

- Vegan Leather [Forever]. 
- Contrasting Hardware. 
- Pentagram Detail. 
- Detachable Chains. 
- Adjustable Size. 
- Size XS/S - Waist : 68cm/26.7”, Height : 38.5cm/15.1”, Choker 30cm/11.8” - 40cm/15.7”.
- Size M/L - Waist : 83.5cm/32.8”, Height : 42cm/16.5”, Choker 30cm/11.8” - 41cm/16.1”.
- Size XL - Waist : 100.5cm/39.5”, Height : 43.5cm/17.1”, Choker 30.5cm/12” - 40.5cm/15.9”.

Is my soul too dark for you? Our 'Hellz Bells' harness features faux-leather straps with contrasting hardware, pentagram detail, and detachable chains. Adjustable size. Add some serious attitude to any outfit!

Match with yer fav shirts, dresses, and tops. Look great with literally everything!

With KILLSTAR Branding. 100% PU.


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