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Ars Magica Incense

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Ars Magica is an incense that will invoke a forgotten and ancient magic deep within your very soul. It will show you how to walk the path of witch, without fear and without hate. For we are aware of the things unknown, and we will use this knowledge to shape our lives as we see fit.

Use this blend on Dark Moon for understanding your true power. Alternatively, burn this blend before casting to bring clarity to your work.

Magical Uses: Clarity, Stability, Divination, Power, Invoking, Astral Travel

Breath and inhale the all natural aroma of this mixed loose incense. Allow your creativity flow free during spell work and watch the enchanting plumes of smoke rise from your cauldron. Burn incense daily to keep shifting the energy within a space, stopping stagnant energy from forming.

Ars Magica Powdered Incense comes in a corked glass vial.
Sprinkle a small amount into your cauldron or fire resistant vessel with a prepared charcoal disk.

Incense is an all powerful way to shift the stagnant and old energies within any room. The simple act of burning an incense, with purpose and magical intentions, is enough to draw in the energies needed to manifest your desire.

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